A different path for creative services

Why tendering for creative services should take a different path

This has always been something of concern to us, and especially now. As the creative sector emerges from the pandemic, the way tenders ask for full blown creative solutions to the requirements and brief in order to take part, undermines our industry’s recovery; having to carry out unpaid work in order to take the gamble of wining work.

The organisations that don’t specify a creative response have studios scrambling to give one in order to stand out in the crowd, disadvantaging the studios who don’t give away the creative for free at this point. As we all know, a creative services buyer can rarely resist the eye candy.

Hopefully, by helping creative services buyers see there is another way, that change can happen.

We’d love to see these words appear as standard on tender briefs:

No creative work is required to tender at this stage. Any submissions with creative work in response to this brief at this stage will be disqualified.

We’ve curated this short and helpful piece from our experiences and those of other leading figures in the creative sector. Have a read through, it’s not too long, honestly. It expresses why tendering for creative services should take a different path from a more generic tender approach, and how a different approach will get the very best out of your creative partner.

Julie Cope’s Grand Tour: the Story of a Life by Grayson Perry

Newenglish recently visited Grayson Perry’s Julie Cope’s Grand Tour: the Story of a Life at The Gallery at Leicester’s De Montfort University.

The exhibition is comprised of a biographic ballad and tapestries telling the beautifully ‘extraordinary, ordinary everywoman’, Julie Cope. Perry’s ballads are presented on large painted wood tablets in a pleasing to read subtly gothic, yet modern, feeling serif font.

The complex tapestries were drawn digitally using an interactive pen display, giving them a very illustrative feel, these vector drawings were then threaded and woven by Flanders Tapestries. It’s probably the digital origins of the two tapestries that gives them their incredible depth and layers of colour and detail.

We were all fascinated by the use of iPads, which gave interactive versions of the tapestries allowing us to select specific people, places and scenes in each tapestry and have either that part of the narrative or textile explained on screen. This use of tech was a refreshing move away from the usual dependance on the viewers artistic intellect to pick apart the piece they are looking at (yet another thing which has been ‘democratised’ by technology?).

It was lovely to visit something glorifying the lives most of us live—opposed to an extreme of success, hardship or political views. Although the Julie Cope’s story was undoubtedly tragic in its ending, we found it to be a pleasant reminder of how special all of our lives are; it’s nice to think that we’d all have the potential to become a good story!

Looking forward we find ourselves excited by the prospect of using textile in a graphic context, inspired by the richness of colour and textures achievable in this media. In a graphic landscape seemingly landlocked by the Adobe suite this offers an interesting new creative outlet for Newenglish’s graphic minds.

We also loved the story told in Grayson Perry’s ballad, imprinting on us the power of narrative in visual arts. How could we incorporate this into a project?

Royal visit to Leicester

Well, it’s not everyday we get to nip out of the studio to see the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh!

The Royal couple were visiting Leicester to attend the Maundy Service at Leicester Cathedral.

Team Newenglish were stood on the corner of Humberstone Gate near the Clock Tower when the Royal limousine drove past. Helen and Brian even scaled a nearby statue to getter a better glimpse of Her Majesty!

Team Newenglish 2016 Christmas Activity

As we are in the 2nd week of 2017, here are a few belated photos from our Christmas activity at Leicester’s Crafty Sew & So.

It was a great experience bonding with the team outside of work while learning to sew tote bags. Big thanks to the lovely ladies at Crafty Sew & So helping with us beginners. After the morning activity, we went to the White Peacock for Christmas dinner and held our annual Secret Santa with a challenging £2 limit.

All in all, a lovely Christmas bash to round off 2016 in style!

Team Newenglish Christmas Bash 2015

We may be well into the second working week of the new year, but here are a few belated photos from our fantastic Team Newenglish Christmas bash.

We had a great time trying our hands at the Arabic Gum Printing technique at the new Leicester Print Workshop followed by a delicious meal at The Case, where we held our infamous Secret Santa, with a challenging £2 limit. We rounded off the occasion with a spin around the big wheel in Leicester’s Jubilee Square.

As you’ll be able to tell from these pictures, a good time was had by all!