Santa goes to the Charity Shop

In December 2022, to wish all our friends, clients and colleagues a Merry Christmas the team at Newenglish created a digital Christmas card with a twist… for a touch of festive fun, we created an interactive game of Dress Santa.

Santa Claus is coming to town. But what will he be wearing? You get to decide with our Dress Santa game…

We assembled a collection of illustrated clothing and hair choices, with some added fun accessories, for our Newenglish Santa. Players were able to select their outfits of choice, over and over again. We also added a handy automated button for players to ‘Take a Photo’ so they could download images of their favourite creations.

The results were fantastic, with many viewers engaging and sending us their favourite saved ‘photos’ of Santa’s outfits.

Our Dress Santa game is still live, so if you’d like to play you can click here to browse through Santa’s wardrobe and select your outfit of choice. But be warned… not all attire is strictly suitable for reindeer flight or chimney descent!

Click here to see more of our Christmas cards from across the years.

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