Comfortable and contemporary interior

Dunkin’ Donuts has been brought back to the UK after a 15 year break to join its sister brand Baskin Robins.

The US store design was not bringing customers into the Harrow store (it was performing very poorly in a prime location), so Newenglish was invited in to re-address the interior design to suit the UK and European markets.

We created an interior to embraces the fun of donuts and ice-cream. The store was updated to make a comfortable, contemporary, warm interior that people are keen to spend time in, and to be their place of choice when meeting up with friends. The focus was firmly put on the products, coffee and food, that the brand were keen to address.

The design has since been rolled out in St Albans, Wood Green and Baker Street in London, with stores in Leeds also being updated.

These stores are performing brilliantly, the uplift in turnover is incredible compared to our original US style store in Harrow.

Dunkin’ Brands Franchisee

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