We are a design agency based in Leicester providing photography and cinematography.

Finding the right imagery can be crucial to the success of a project. At Newenglish, we offer a full range of photography services.

It's all about capturing the right moment

But, our skills go way beyond simply clicking the shutter. We meticulously plan our photo shoots by finding suitable locations, sourcing appropriate models and managing all the complicated logistics, to ensure the right equipment is there on the right day. With our art directing experience and keen eye for detail, we always get the perfect shot.

A picture says a thousand words

Which is why photography is so important when telling a brand story or when bringing new products to market. Come rain or shine, the quality of our imagery communicates authenticity and really connects with the target audience, delivering maximum impact.


  • Art direction
  • Location finding
  • Model sourcing
  • Location and studio shoots
  • Editing and retouching