Keeping things Simple at Christmas

After the fallout of the pandemic and Christmases spent apart, our 2021 Christmas card email campaign was centred around the joy of a simple Christmas and which Christmas traditions we were most looking forward to.

We created a digital interactive Christmas card, sent via email, beginning with a simple animation and leading to an interactive vote where our audience could choose their favourite simple Christmas tradition(s).

Which simple Christmas tradition(s) are you most looking forward to this year?

We chose some of the simple things the Newenglish team were most looking forward too, with a few chuckles added in! The votes were cast by our audience in the run-up to Christmas; adding further engagement, voters could find out if their favourite tradition was the most popular as we published the results just before the festive break via a follow-up email.

The poll was closed in December 2021, but you can still find out which Christmas tradition was the voted favourite. We carefully counted all the votes, and the winning simple Christmas tradition was… (drum roll please)… click here to find out!

Click here to see more of our Christmas cards from across the years.

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