Give Peas a Chance

As with Newenglish tradition, for Christmas 2023 we created a digital Christmas card to wish everyone a Hap-pea Christmas add some festive cheer for our friends, family, work buddies, clients and customers.

A digital email is always an effective tool to engage and interact with your audience. In December it can also be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your Christmas spirit and to wish your audience a very happy Christmas. A well-designed Christmas email can be a nice surprise when checking our inboxes!

LOVE the Christmas email from Newenglish, so clever haha!

Kezia at The Ralph

Viewer engagement

As always, the team at Newenglish like to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, and add a dash of fun and a drop of Christmas spirit into the proceedings. This years email fitted the bill with an amusing play-on-words and a wowzers physics engine to create a festive interactive animation for the viewer to play with again, and again.

Click on the message below to join in with the festive fun for 2023 from the Newenglish team…

The science behind the animation

For those that are interested, we’ve used a Javascript library called matter-js to handle the physics (the movement in the peas).

The animated peas rely on 2D physics, primarily focused on simulating the effect of gravity on the peas and allowing the peas to bounce off each other. For added fun, the peas are more bouncy than real peas!

Very impressive – things have moved on technically from my day : )

Ian at Formation Creative – who also happens to be the top PEA Enthusiast, or Champ-PEA-on, based on the number of email opens!

Click here to see more of our Christmas cards from across the years.

Engage your audience with an email campaign

Get in touch if you would like us to design an interactive or festive email for you, uniquely fitting your brand. We can design and create a campaign very efficiently.

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