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Don’t get hacked off the web!

The web, for all its usefulness, is also something of a minefield when it comes to keeping safe and secure. This is true for users, but also for websites!

It is a sad state of affairs, but there are plenty of netizens out there who will gladly hack, phish, spam, and generally aim nefarious attacks at your website. The average website faces an average of 94 attacks every day!

At Newenglish, we always recommend taking precautions with securing your website (we can help, but we’ll explain that in a moment).

First, a real-life anecdote!

Story time: One of our clients decided to host their website with a third party (the majority of our clients chose to host their sites with us). All good. But our client turned down our offer of maintenance with its extra security benefits. Fast-forward a couple of years—we received a message: “my website is gone, disappeared!”

After some investigation, we discovered the hackers had deleted the entire website! Unfortunately, the third party web host didn’t have backups from before the attack. The site was truly, completely gone.

If this site had been under our care, we would be able to instantly respond to the hack, with no consequences to the site.

What to do about it?

With our website maintenance, we protect against exactly this sort of situation. How? Well, first we have additional layers of security tailored to your website. Then, we add 24/7 monitoring to your site so the minute it goes down (big IF!), we’re notified and can take direct action. We keep your site up-to-date, with the latest security fixes and patches.

So the moral of the story: Please don’t skimp on security! It could cost you more (even your whole website) in the long run.

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Other steps YOU can take

  • Use a secure password. That’s a long password with numbers, special characters and a mix of upper and lower case
  • Don’t use the same password for lots of different logins
  • Check your web host keeps regular backups. (If you’re hosting your website with us, you’re golden as we keep daily, offsite backups).

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