Festive Animations

January is a strange month. We’re only two weeks into the new year, yet Christmas already feels like a distant memory.

But now that the decorations have been packed away, and we all focus on getting fit again after over-indulging during the festive break – we wanted to stop and share some really engaging, and very festive, animations which we created for The Loughborough Schools Foundation.

The challenge

The Foundation asked us to create two animations which they could share on their social media channels. The first was to wish their students, the parents of their students, and their school staff a Happy Christmas. This was to be followed by a second animation, to wish them all a Happy New Year.

We just love creating animations, so were really excited by this challenge.

The thinking

Throughout December social media feeds are awash with glittery, Christmassy content. We wanted to create something that stood out against this busy backdrop. Something which was engaging and captured all the fun and excitement of Christmas, in a simple and classy way.

Importantly, we wanted the animations to represent all four schools and the nursery, which together form The Loughborough Schools Foundation.

Happy Christmas

As snowflakes gently fall against the deep-blue (on-brand) background, a simple, single-line animation enters the frame, forming the distinctive shape of a Christmas tree. As the ‘Happy Christmas’ message is being revealed, the tree becomes decorated with colourful baubles – with each colour representing the different schools within the Foundation.

Happy New Year

We wanted to create a consistent pair of animations, and for the New Years version to have the same look and feel as the Christmas post. To achieve this the layout remained the same, with the Foundation logo, background colour and message placed in exact the same position. However, this time the single-line animation would slowly reveal the number 2022, signalling the new year ahead. And instead of gentle snowflakes, we created a series of colourful fireworks which exploded at random in the background – again, the colour of each firework representing the different schools and nursery within the Foundation.

I love both the Christmas and New Year ads. Really fab with the school colours. Classy design but fun – perfect!

Director of Marketing, The Loughborough Schools Foundation

Just like our client, we are really happy with the execution of both animations – we kept a close eye on our own social media feeds over the festive break, and it was great to see the adverts ‘go-live’ and achieve our goal of being engaging and fun, yet finding a way to cut through all the other Christmas and New Years content circulating online.

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