Hollowells Funeral Directors

It’s a happy Monday for Newenglish Studio as we see the launch of our project for Hollowells Funeral Directors in Northampton. The family run company commissioned us to create them a new brand identity, advertising campaign, and website.

At Newenglish we are highly skilled at changing perceptions. The funeral sector is one that is seen as being rather old fashioned on the whole, despite being extremely professional and caring. We wanted to ensure that their professionalism and modern approach to funerals was conveyed, changing the perception of funerals.

Being able to make the difficult experience of losing a loved one a better experience by using our design and communication expertise is a genuine pleasure.

As part of the rebrand we shortened the original name ‘B. Hollowell & Son’ to Hollowells and created a brand style that is both classic and modern.

New signage for their branches is being installed today, ready to show the Northampton public the new face of the company.The signage features a unique H and flourish that we hope will become recognisable across Northampton.

We’re really proud of the finished results!

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