A new personality for Arnold Library

We were tasked with giving Arnold Library (north of Nottingham) a new and vibrant look and feel. Building on previous themes whilst creating a new look for Arnold.

We created unique graphics throughout the library, combining engravings with photographic imagery, and a range of textures, designed to spark the imagination. The children library features a mixture of animals objects to reflect that ‘you can find out about anything in your library’. Using textures of timber, stone, and corrugated metal, to give Arnold Library a unique and quickly feel.

The tops of the low walls have images set onto the top allowing the library users to look into the imagery almost like looking into a reflective pool. The lift and stair areas are very clearly marked with large scale graphics, with hanging signs clearly visible from the ground floor to indicate what is on the first floor.

The computer area on the first floor features large scale geometric pattern imagery created using objects and animals, reflecting the nature of the internets ability to explore subjects as wide as the imagination.

We have created a new personality for Arnold library that is fun, imaginative, and engaging. The library has visually distinct areas for children, adults, young adults, local studies, and internet use. The overall feel is modern, fresh and welcoming.

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