Mansfield Library: the whole building came to life

Nottinghamshire County Council

The brief

We were commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council to create an interior personality for Mansfield Library that was unique and uplifting. A place that the community would want to visit time and time again, that they could call their own, irrespective of age. The project also required graphics to help intuitively guide users around the building and allow them to find what they were looking with minimal staff intervention.

The thinking

A library is a place where anyone can find out about literally ANYTHING. This might be via a book, video, CD, or via the internet, all of which can be found in Mansfield Library. In order to convey this idea we used clusters of random objects, every object with a story behind it. The ‘oddness’ encourages enquiry, whilst at the same time adding visual interest.

On arriving at the first floor the first impression is one of colour and space. The curved bookcases have illuminated header graphic panels. These follow the ‘objects’ theme, but link to the subject area of the bookcase, for example the gardening section features garden tools. Sections are also colour coded to help customers navigate.

A previously blank long wall behind the IT area was transformed with an 18 metre colourful wall graphic. Large scale graphics are used to identify other key areas, such as toilets, carefully positioned to ensure visibility from across the library. We felt it was important that children had a part of the library that was a place for them, so we created a children’s character called Scribble who is seen doing lots of fun things.

The result

Before the refurbishment, library staff were constantly dealing with customer complaints and comments about the state of the building infrastructure  and on its appearance (dull interior, very 1970s, dark and uninspiring). Since the refurbishment these negative comments are virtually eradicated, instead staff frequently receive glowing feedback from the library visitors. Some impressive statistics back this up (2010 was the last year before refurb, 2012 the first full year after completion):

  • +30% increase in library visitors (2010 vs. 2012)
  • +207% increase in new members (2010 vs. 2012)
  • +481% increase in event attendance (2010 vs. 2012)
  • +72% increase in book/stock issues (2010 vs. 2012)
  • +88% increase in computer/internet use in hours (2010 vs. 2012)

The library was looking good [after the builders finished], but when you came and installed the graphics the whole building came to life… we are all SO excited now, it feels like our library.

Aileen Prince, Nottinghamshire Library Service
Meet Scribble

Comfortable and contemporary interior

Dunkin’ Donuts has been brought back to the UK after a 15 year break to join its sister brand Baskin Robins.

The US store design was not bringing customers into the Harrow store (it was performing very poorly in a prime location), so Newenglish was invited in to re-address the interior design to suit the UK and European markets.

We created an interior to embraces the fun of donuts and ice-cream. The store was updated to make a comfortable, contemporary, warm interior that people are keen to spend time in, and to be their place of choice when meeting up with friends. The focus was firmly put on the products, coffee and food, that the brand were keen to address.

The design has since been rolled out in St Albans, Wood Green and Baker Street in London, with stores in Leeds also being updated.

These stores are performing brilliantly, the uplift in turnover is incredible compared to our original US style store in Harrow.

Dunkin’ Brands Franchisee

Wonderfully creative project for Phoenix Square

Newenglish were delighted to win the competitive creative pitch to create a brand for Phoenix Square in Leicester. The project included the branding, signage & wayfinding, photography, print & web design.

The brand needed to embrace and individually express Phoenix Square cinema, Phoenix Square apartments, Phoenix Square studios and Phoenix Square managed workspaces. We were asked to work with the architects to provide interior treatments, signage and guiding, along with the initial web presence and marketing for Phoenix Square apartments.

This was a wonderfully creative project for us to tackle. We wanted to create something that reflected the animated experience of watching film and the digital focus of the companies to be based in the building. The wire typography that runs throughout the branding and signage was hand created by our team, and was developed to give a sense of technology and motion throughout the building and marketing materials. The curves of the branding work as a contrast to the angles of the building. The style of the typography lends itself to animation and looks beautiful both in motion, or as a static form.

This is a project we’re very proud of in the heart of Leicester’s growing Cultural Quarter. The branding successfully links the four elements of the brand under a common ‘umbrella’ theme, whilst allowing each to thrive. 

The studio spaces have all sold in a difficult economic times, and the workspaces continue to hit tenancy targets and beyond.

Striking flower shop brand identity

We set out to create a striking brand identity for a new premium flower shop, Flowerworks, in Leicester city centre; including shop signage and interior, packaging and print work.

The identity needed to stand out from other florists and reflect the exclusive range of flowers, plants, accessories and their contemporary approach.

Our creative thinking produced a dark backdrop to give the brand a sophisticated feel and to accentuate the many vibrant colours found within the shop. The delicate nature of the products is reflected in the use of the flowing illustration and fine letterforms in the logo.

Using the illustration and logo at different scales, the right amount of subtlety and impact was achieved. The visibility of the new brand is ensured at every angle on thestylish van livery as the illustration organically wraps over the van sides and onto the roof.

This very different approach for a florist succeeded in setting Flowerworks apart from all competitors and has helped to attract business locally and nationally.

We are delighted with the branding for Flowerworks. Newenglish’s approach was interesting, fun and professional. The identity created is a true reflection of the character of our business.


Would you believe we actually created the Flowerworks brand over 10 years ago, and it’s still looking contemporary and fresh today?