Vibrant primary school interior

New look for the Dorothy Goodman School in Hinckley

Newenglish created a completely new brand for The Open Thinking Partnership and the Dorothy Goodman School.

As part of this rebrand, the dull and uninspiring entrance to the primary school, corridor to the main classrooms, and sensory room has been given a vibrant and exciting new look.

Super graphics and blocks of colour have completely transformed what was a dull space into a fun vibrant space for children and staff. The colour theme and super graphics ties into the new brand personalities.

New concept cycle studio

Nottingham City Council Leisure Centres

Newenglish were commissioned to create a personality across all of Nottingham City Council‘s cycle studios located in their leisure centres.

With a natural theme the super graphic backdrops and window vinyls create a visually interesting theme to the spaces. The ceiling and walls have been toned down with a rich dark colour palette, whilst the floors continue the natural feel with timber effect. ‘Get on your bike and ride’, is a fun and cheeky reference to the queen song.

The scheme has been extremely well received by members and staff alike.

Mansfield Library: the whole building came to life

Nottinghamshire County Council

The brief

We were commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council to create an interior personality for Mansfield Library that was unique and uplifting. A place that the community would want to visit time and time again, that they could call their own, irrespective of age. The project also required graphics to help intuitively guide users around the building and allow them to find what they were looking with minimal staff intervention.

The thinking

A library is a place where anyone can find out about literally ANYTHING. This might be via a book, video, CD, or via the internet, all of which can be found in Mansfield Library. In order to convey this idea we used clusters of random objects, every object with a story behind it. The ‘oddness’ encourages enquiry, whilst at the same time adding visual interest.

On arriving at the first floor the first impression is one of colour and space. The curved bookcases have illuminated header graphic panels. These follow the ‘objects’ theme, but link to the subject area of the bookcase, for example the gardening section features garden tools. Sections are also colour coded to help customers navigate.

A previously blank long wall behind the IT area was transformed with an 18 metre colourful wall graphic. Large scale graphics are used to identify other key areas, such as toilets, carefully positioned to ensure visibility from across the library. We felt it was important that children had a part of the library that was a place for them, so we created a children’s character called Scribble who is seen doing lots of fun things.

The result

Before the refurbishment, library staff were constantly dealing with customer complaints and comments about the state of the building infrastructure  and on its appearance (dull interior, very 1970s, dark and uninspiring). Since the refurbishment these negative comments are virtually eradicated, instead staff frequently receive glowing feedback from the library visitors. Some impressive statistics back this up (2010 was the last year before refurb, 2012 the first full year after completion):

  • +30% increase in library visitors (2010 vs. 2012)
  • +207% increase in new members (2010 vs. 2012)
  • +481% increase in event attendance (2010 vs. 2012)
  • +72% increase in book/stock issues (2010 vs. 2012)
  • +88% increase in computer/internet use in hours (2010 vs. 2012)

The library was looking good [after the builders finished], but when you came and installed the graphics the whole building came to life… we are all SO excited now, it feels like our library.

Aileen Prince, Nottinghamshire Library Service
Meet Scribble

Trumpet blowing

Newenglish Design WINNER at DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2019 for Beeston Library.

We are pleased to announce that Newenglish Design has won aprestigious award for our work on Inspire Culture’s Beeston Library, Nottinghamshire at the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2019. These Awards recognise projects that demonstrate design’s tangible effect on a business by drawing focus onto design’s strategic and commercial value.

The creative work resulted in a 62,721 increase in library visits, a 42% increase in new members, 135% increase in event attendance, and a 300% increase in room hire income.

Entered jointly by the client andNewenglish Design, the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards are an annual event that provide powerful evidence that design thinking combined with business acuity can bring about the right conditions for business transformation to occur.

The shortlisted winners had been selected through three rigorous rounds of judging, by a panel made up of design and marketing heads from leading brands and organisations.

Read the press release here

Euroshop Trade Fair: Drycon

We’ve had the privilege of working with international premium interior specialist Drycon. Due to exhibit at the Euroshop trade fair in Dusseldorf, the Drycon directors enlisted Newenglish to help communicate what they offer and the way in which they work.

With each exhibitor at the event given the same size unit to set up in, we were provided with a blank canvas. Drycon’s expertise in developing physical spaces allowed us to fully express not only the contemporary nature of their work but also showcase their innovative use of materials.

The floor and 4 metre high walls were skimmed in Drycon’s exclusive Drycon®Crete mix giving the temporary structure a very solid, permanent presence. Our vision was to have the Drycon exhibition feel strong, and vital to the industry. By carefully using materials so often reserved for more imposing structures, the stand stood out within the pop-up surroundings of the expo.

For the stand we also devised a centrepiece in the form of a bespoke 3 metre table made from carefully sourced German timber atop a concrete plinth. This acted as both a gathering point for the Drycon team with potential clients, and also a countertop to promote their partnership with renowned German liqueur distillery Jägermeister (served ice-cold to any keen attendees!).

Drycon’s efficient project management and workflow was represented in a wall graphic demonstrating their approach set within the concrete layer. The visuals cut into the concrete to reveal a vibrant blue layer beneath.

We loved working with Drycon, and on the opening weekend of the trade fair we made the trip over to Dusseldorf to see how they were getting on and get a good look at our design in the flesh… or rather concrete.

Madisons cafe: interior

Just completed. Madisons cafe on London Road in Leicester has undergone a makeover, featuring 400 hanging cups, teapot lamp shades, bespoke wallpaper, and a new brand identity.

Madisons hand makes its delicious Galato on the premises, and serve hot food, such as pasta and pizza, plus pastries and delicious coffee.

The new look and feel creates a unique interior that works well with the elegant high ceiling building.

Hyson Green Library – Nottingham City Libraries

Our first job for Nottingham City Libraries.  

The library has been given a strong personality that reflects the vibrant multicultural nature of Hyson Green. The library features vibrant colours, line drawing illustrations and a character called ‘Skate’ in the children’s section.

Hyson Green library sits within the Mary Potter Centre which is also home to local GP practices, City Council Services, and Nottingham City Homes.

Reaction to the refreshed library has been extremely positive.

Arnold Library interior

We are busy installing our latest Library in Arnold Nottinghamshire.  

The children’s library walls feature an array of objects reflecting the nature of a library—i.e. you can find out about almost anything!For both the adult and young adult libraries, we have created unique pieces of artwork using elements from book covers to reflect different subjects areas. On the first floor in the internet area, wecarefully crafted largeunique pieces of artworkmade up from a mix of beautiful images.

The library is due to open to the public on the 17th August.

Visiting Brü coffee shop

Last Tuesday we headed to Brü Coffee Shop for the grand opening. The team have loved the work on Brü so far, it’s stretched lots of our creative muscles—and the work to date includes brand creation, interiors concept, interior design, packaging design, hand drawn illustrations and website design and development.

After all the hard work, it was lovely to sit back with a coffee and watch the public enjoy the coffee shop.

So head to Granby Street in Leicester to support a local business and have a brilliant cup of coffee in very unique surroundings!

Brü Coffee Shop

Coming soon to Granby Street in Leicester (just round the corner from our studio) is a new independent coffee shop called Brü. Newenglish have created the name and brand of the coffee shop and designed the interiors including some bespoke illustration.

We’re very excited to be installing at the moment; seeing our designs come to life. This is the start of a bigger project which will also include product packaging design and web design and development. Keep checking back for updates on the project!