More designs for education from Newenglish

Hey everyone! Check out our latest brochure for Leicester Learning Services (LLS). LSS are composed of advisers and consultants who work with schools within Leicestershire to ensure they are reaching their full potential and giving the children the best education possible. They are looking to expand their Leicestershire based service to the whole of the UK.

Newenglish have had a lot of experience working in the education sector for many years, including DeMontfort University, Derby University, Leicester University, Birmingham City University as well as other organisations within the sector, and are thrilled to be working with LLS.

Very many thanks for the work you have done on the brand, brochure and website. It is a vast improvement on what we had before and is really what we are looking for.

We’ve given them a vibrant and versatile brand identity which is shown off beautifully in this brochure. Combining bright colours and bold imagery with clean, friendly typography it really engages the audience and makes the whole thing a pleasure to read. We’re currently working on the LLS website which will be live within the month so stay tuned for that and much more in the future.

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