Rocket Round Leicester


An intergalactic art trail and flagship funding event for LOROS Hospice… in the summer of 2021, the Rocket Round Leicester art trail was the biggest art event the city of Leicester had ever seen!

We were very proud to be chosen by LOROS to create the Rocket Round Leicester brand to bring this exciting event to life.

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Our first task at Newenglish ‘mission control’ was to name the event. After much consideration we landed upon Rocket Round Leicester. Not only is this an accurate description of the art trail, but we love the way it just rolls off the tongue to form a memorable statement.

An 'out of this world' brand experience

We designed the brand and overall ‘look and feel’ of the event.

Taking inspiration from the culturally significant pop-art movement, we successfully paired the excitement of space travel with vibrant, eye-catching illustrations to create a playful brand, bursting with colour and cosmic energy.

Reach for the stars

Once the event was named and the brand approved, we set about generating interest in the local community.

We created several documents and promotional materials showcasing the event to potential sponsors, to successfully recruit the 40 artists required to decorate the Rockets, and to encourage local schools to take part in the Junior Jet trail. All essential elements of the Rocket Round Leicester art trail.

Everyone LOVES it! The colourful brand is vibrant and engaging, thanks once again for all of your work. Marketing & Communications Manager, LOROS

Ready to launch

Meanwhile, the event was being organised against the uncertain and ever-changing backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, which posed various challenges. Throughout this time, Newenglish remained on hand to assist LOROS in any way we could, to ensure the launch date was met and the event was a success.

We supplied the team at LOROS with detailed brand guidelines and a toolbox of branded assets. This enabled LOROS to confidently promote the event consistently and on-brand, with the flexibility to apply the Rocket Round Leicester brand to a wide range of print, digital and large format assets; including publicity on social media, signage at the Trail Hub base, and various event merchandise.

We just love the Rocket Round Leicester fridge magnet!

Thank you for the huge part both you, and the rest of your team, have played in bringing Rocket Round Leicester to life (quite literally really!). When we first met back in 2020, we had, what I’m sure was, quite a large, complicated brief, and you really have managed to brilliantly capture what we wanted the trail to be all about with the branding you created. Events Lead, LOROS

A stellar fleet of sculptures

The art trail featured 40 giant sculptures. Each sculpture an 8ft tall, rocket-shaped, blank canvas for artists to express themselves, and display their work publicly at various locations across the city.

To help visitors to find all the Rockets we created a useful map pinpointing their locations, the map was packed full of interesting information about LOROS, the Rockets, and the trail.

Star-studded finale

As the cosmic event drew to a close, each Rocket sculpture was sold at an exclusive auction. Giving successful bidders the chance to own one of the unique Rocket artworks, with all the proceeds raised going to LOROS to support the important work they do.

Giving Leicester a boost

We are really proud of this project. After a challenging time, Leicester needed a boost and we hope this brand raised a smile, and that the art trail went some way towards bringing people together to celebrate creativity and our city.

It was tremendous to see the brand we created on display around Leicester, with so many people, young and old, hunting Rockets and genuinely enjoying the trail. Not to mention, helping LOROS to raise much needed funds for their ongoing work, supporting patients and their families at a difficult time of their lives.

You can support Loros via their website, here.

© Beth Walsh Photography

The end result was simply phenomenal, and I know that on a personal level at the very least, I will treasure much of the collateral for years to come with very fond memories. Not forgetting, of course, how many people enjoyed the brand, exploring the trail throughout last summer. Events Lead, LOROS

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