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GHC is a progressive, independent group of Investment Managers, Stockbrokers, and Financial Advisors. They provide an outstanding personal service, drawing upon their vast experience and embracing modern technology to find innovative and accessible investment solutions for their clients.

We created a new brand identity for the GHC Group, positioning them as a trusted and dynamic investment company. The new brand needed to cut through the noise of the crowded financial sector, portraying a hardworking, dependable, and trustworthy organisation, both prudent in wealth management and at the forefront of the latest investment technology.

Clarity was at the heart of the brand. From the language used to the way information was presented, we wanted every touchpoint to be clear and simple—less jargon, more plain speaking. The tone of voice was crucial. Each carefully crafted message was paired with clean layouts, a structured type hierarchy, a well-balanced colour palette, and emotive imagery.

Why the bee?

Renowned for their hard work, organisation, and collaborative nature, bees perfectly represent the core values of the GHC brand. We created a simple but strong bee icon that is applied in varying colours to all of the group’s sub-divisions. It acts as a dependable GHC seal of quality, building trust with investors, and epitomising their hard-working values.

Service Brochures

We created a series of service brochures and financial documents to explain GHC’s investment methods and research processes in a simple way. Avoiding convoluted jargon and complex diagrams, the brochures are visually clean and professional, whilst remaining friendly and approachable.

To accompany the clean, structured layouts, we developed an engaging image library of aerial photography. These colourful images include both natural and man-made environments, each with sense of ‘bucking the trend’ and ‘thinking big’. This provides a glimpse of what the GHC brand is all about – going against the grain and looking at the bigger picture to seek out the perfect investment opportunities for their clients.

The GHC rebrand has been well received by members of the group, independent associates, and their clients. The mark is becoming increasingly recognised within the industry. The new brand has now been successfully applied to their website, providing a much stronger online presence.

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