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A cut above


From lawnmowers to hedge trimmers, Honda is the UK market leaders in lawn and garden equipment. They’re the ‘go-to’ brand for professional gardeners and enthusiasts alike. We’ve been creating effective, creative solutions for Honda Lawn & Garden products for over 20 years.

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Ready to launch

Our engaging advertising campaigns for Honda Lawn & Garden help to maintain their position as the UK market leader and bring new products to market, such as their eagerly awaited cordless, battery powered range. We created a targeted print and digital national advertising campaign, which connected with the target audience, finding cut-through, in a competitive market.

Campaigns that deliver

Our campaigns typically include national press advertising, a campaign landing page, trackable digital adverts and multi-channel social media assets, alongside creative direct mail and point of sale materials for the Honda Lawn & Garden showrooms.

Understanding the audience

With so many products in the Honda Lawn & Garden range, their customers are incredibly varied. Whether it’s a groundskeeper in the local park or a family prepping for a garden party, we get to know the target audience before creating a campaign so it feels authentic, uses the right language, and connects with them personally.

Print with purpose

From an eye-catching piece of direct mail showcasing the very latest innovative garden product to informative brochures and mini guides packed full of engaging imagery, meaningful copy, and useful infographics, our printed materials are designed with the end-user in mind. This helps them navigate Honda’s impressive product range and decide which model is best for them.


We support Honda Lawn & Garden by creating assets for various shows across the country including BBC Gardeners World Live, Country File Live, the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power, and the Gardeners Media Guild. Our large format graphics are engaging and informative, making for a great visitor experience.

Words are powerful

Our broad knowledge and experience of the Honda brand empowers us to write clear and engaging copy. Whether it be a hill farmer in Inverness, a harbour master in Plymouth, or a keen gardener in the Cotswold, our copy connects with the target audience on a personal level, speaking the right language in a persuasive and informative way, all written with the distinctive ‘Honda’ tone of voice.

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