Decision making explained

Whatever temperament you are, you’re somehow wired to make decisions which conform to type every time.

It seems us humans can be boiled down into four broad groups when it comes to our temperaments which effect the way we make decisions, like buying from a website, or responding to an advertisement for example.

We don’t all neatly fit into each category, but the principle is that whatever temperament you are, your decision making style conforms to this. I’m sure we all know someone who’s gone out on a Saturday to look at what new cars might suit them and bought the first one they saw. Equally we may be, or know that person who spends evenings trawling the internet to get the best model with the best deal on a new pair of trainers.

We work at appealing to everyone when designing websites, printed materials and advertising, so we made this helpful factoid and pinned up in the Newenglish Studio studio. It’s fascinating and challenging at the same time, making sure that we appeal to everyone.

We thought you might find this little factoid about human temperaments interesting and useful too.

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