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Located in Leicester’s bustling and colourful West End, The Martyrs is a diverse and vibrant city Church where everyone is welcome. We were delighted when they asked us to design and build their a new mobile-first and user-friendly website.

Take a look at the project below…

A hub of useful information

The new website provides information on upcoming events, allows users to listen to the latest church podcasts, and provides a safe space for younger members to socialise and explore their faith. The new website is also packed with lots of helpful interactive features – like Google Translate, which allows users to easily change the website to display in their preferred language.

Take a look at the website by clicking here

Find your way

Built to provide a good user experience, the Martys website features a clear and easy to use menu, making it a breeze to navigate! The landing page features a colour-coded menu grid, which acts as a ‘quick-link gateway’, allowing the user to hop directly to the information they want to see with a single click.

Mobile first

The Martyrs website is regularly updated with the latest news, events and podcasts, as well as personal stories from within the community. It’s important for this content to be assessable to people ‘on the go’ – so the website was designed ‘mobile first’, meaning it will provide the same, seamless user experience on a smartphone or tablet, as it will on a desktop. Users can even ‘add their story’ direct front their phone.

Fun for children

The Children’s section of the website is vibrant, colourful and bursting with character. Several interactive features, like ‘The Big Questions’ and ‘Verse of the Week’ allow younger members of the community to have fun, explore and learn about faith at their own pace – all on a section of the site designed specifically for kids!

Take a look at the Children’s section by clicking here

The big questions, answered

The Children and Young People sections feature a series of interactive flip-cards, where the user can reveal answers to ‘The Big Questions’ with a click of a mouse, or a tap of a finger. From ‘Who is Jesus?‘ to ‘Why do we celebrate Easter?’ – this is a fun and lighthearted feature, designed to get the user thinking, start conversations and help younger members in exploring faith.

A space for young people

Split into three age groups, these pages of the website provide a safe space for younger members of the community to explore, socialise and learn about faith.

Built with social media in mind, these pages boast several interactive features. Users can post their own stories in the ‘What’s been happening’ section, stream the latest Alpha course episode and ‘Song of the Month’ directly from YouTube, and keep up-to-date with a direct feed from the Martyrs Instagram page.

Take a look at the Young People’s section by clicking here

Striking the right tone

The young people section of the website, has its own distinctive look and feel. The page layout and tone of voice are reflective of the end-user. These pages even feature imagery of local graffiti, captured on the Narborough Road, help to provide an even more of authentic feel.

Keep up to date

An important feature of the new website is the What’s on section – this is where users can access all of the information they need on upcoming events.

With good usability in mind, this page has been designed to be easy and intuitive to navigate. Users can filter the listings using a colour-coded tab, to reveal the events relevant to them. They can then access time, date and location information, as well as booking a space if required. This page also allows the user to share events quickly and easily on their social media channels.

Many thanks to everyone at Newenglish… It has been great working with you! This website will make a huge impact and will be a source of great encouragement in our mission and ministry. Vicar, Martyrs Church

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