Dynamic hoarding for Millennium Point

In the process of replacing their cafe, Millennium Point had a lot of hoarding space begging for something to brighten it up. They asked us to come up with something creative that would give a sense of excitement to everything they had coming up.

With an idea in mind, we created a sketch of what we were planning to share with the client. With such a large area to cover there was an opportunity to showcase everything that Millennium Point had scheduled in their events timetable and recently developed Arts Strategy.

We wanted to make the most of dynamic angular shapes and typography to reflect the new branding. The striking shapes and angles break information into chunks, and create a dramatic whole that is colourful and easy to see from a distance (and Millennium Point is VERY big!)

The creative was printed directly on to 5mm foamex to avoid showing lumps and bumps, and give a sharp finish. We’re chuffed with the result, and so is the client. An exciting and eye catching use of some key space within Millennium Point.

Many thanks for this, looks really great. The colour blocks really inject some vibrancy into the space and will work well in what is an ‘awkward’ space when viewed from elsewhere in the atrium.

Millennium Point

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