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As the UK’s leading art hub, SAA support artists with online classes, expert tuition, endless online tutorials, inspiration and a comprehensive range of art materials, in their online store. SAA is a successful membership organisation who needed to communicate the outstanding value of their membership to current and prospective members as well as attract the upcoming generation of amateur and professional artists.

Being creatives, we loved that SAA chose us to create their new brand. We repositioned them as confident market leaders and helped to find ways to further engage their existing members, while enticing more people to join.

  • Advertising
  • Brand
  • Copywriting
  • Digital
  • Packaging
  • Print

Repositioning the brand

We wanted to bring a contemporary, confident feel to the brand which will have longevity.

Our new branding sets out to increase the awareness of the SAA amongst its target audience, becoming truly recognisable, and bring a growing sense of pride in belonging for its members, along with creating a market presence attractive to potential customers and members.

Celebrating creativity

Front and centre of the new brand was to showcase the joy and reward of being creative as well as communicating the scope of the membership offer.

Create because you can

The strapline we created is a key component of the new brand. It’s all about celebrating your creativity no matter your ability or achievements. Completely inclusive and affirmative, it’s a true reflection of everything SAA stands for – Supporting All Artists.

The distinctive strapline is repeated across the brand, featuring on all packaging, the website, and digital and printed communications.

Engaging email campaigns

Email campaigns are a powerful way to keep an already engaged, signed-up audience informed on the latest news.

SAA has a signed up audience approaching 50,000, but were sending frantic looking emails lacking cohesion of brand or message, which had emerged from no design input, or strategic overview of messaging and tone of voice – all things we’re good at bringing to our clients.

So, to create and maintain strong email communications with SAA’s members and non-members, we created a series of on-brand editable templates. SAA can quickly and easily populate them with content to welcome new members, introduce new products, highlight exclusive offers, or promote live stream events, and then send them out.

The customer journey

For members the journey begins with receiving a new member pack. To reduce the amount of packaging, we created a postage box which doubles as the pack folder – which in itself celebrates the joy of mark-making.

Every touchpoint

Creating the packaging design was a joy, from imagery to the ‘label’ device which brings the brand personality into focus.

Strong social media presence

A big part of the SAA brand reposition was to maximise their social media presence. We created a series of branded assets for them to adapt for various messaging, from exclusive offers and seasonal lines to artist workshops. This has allowed SAA to engage with existing members and generate interest amongst the wider target audience.

Flexible branding

The logo we created gives the brand a smart and sophisticated look and feel that works well across everything they do and communicate. It positions them as strong, confident, contemporary and timeless brand.

Pride in belonging

From the website reskin to product packaging and membership cards, the organisation now has a raised sense of self-pride and strategic direction.

SAA website - key to all they do

The SAA website design was a key component of the new brand design roll-out.

Having first re-designed the printed product catalogue, their Paint magazine, videos, advertising and every other touchpoint, the website design and customer journey flowed naturally out of this body of work.

Click here to see the brand in action.

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