Delivering opportunities in documentary


Real Initiative is an exciting programme of support for documentary film makers and digital artists, providing applicants with training, mentoring, collaboration opportunities and access to workspace and facilities.

We’re thrilled to have been involved in such an exciting project from inception through to launch – creating the brand and establishing the ‘look and feel’, alongside a series of digital and print assets to promote the initiative.

A programme for all

REAL Initiative is split into three different programmes, each tailored to meet the needs of individuals at different stages of their documentary careers – from established professionals to those who are just taking their first steps.

First we were involved in the naming of the programmes REAL Inspiration, REAL Incubation and REAL Acceleration. Then our job was to ensure that each programme was positioned correctly for its relevant audience, whilst also working together as a collective.

We also created a fourth sub-brand for the forthcoming REAL Film Festival.

Capturing real life

The importance of good imagery cannot be understated. It was vital that REAL Initiative made a connection with its various audiences through relevant and engaging ‘real life’ imagery. We set about finding a suite of hero imagery which would really set the tone for each programme. We decided to base the brand upon rich and engaging, black and white imagery. Interesting angles capturing real stories of real people – reflective of the documentary art form.

Social media engagement

One of the main ways REAL Initiative engages with the target audience is via social media. We created a series of branded social media advert templates to spread the word online, and reach out to prospective applicants.

An online presence

We designed the look and feel of the REAL Initiative website, which not only showcases the new brand, but also provides users with all the information they require and the chance to apply for the REAL Inspiration, REAL Incubation and REAL Accelerator programmes. In creating the website we worked closely with the team at Effect Digital, who have a long term contract for Phoenix site development (which this comes into).

Take a look at the REAL Initiative website by clicking here.


Disjointed letterforms

The letters R, E, A, and L from the brand word mark are broken apart and positioned on top of the brand imagery. This creates an interesting visual layout where the letterforms both frame and interact with the subject – this is reflective of the documentary genre of ‘looking in’ and seeing things from a different perspective.

Supporting partners

An important part of the project was to highlight the initiative’s funding partners – Phoenix, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Midlands Engine and Arts Council England, they all made REAL Initiative possible. To communicate this we created several supporting partner logo ‘lockups’ which accompany all  promotional materials.

Thank you Newenglish! You have done such a good job for REAL Initiative, you are brilliant! Thanks for being so creative, and easy to work with. Cheers! Project Manager, REAL Initiative

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