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High-octane happiness


From their high-performance sport touring bikes to their stylish city scooters, Honda motorbikes hold legendary status across the globe. You can view some of the creative work we’ve produced for Honda Motorbikes over the years below…

  • Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Digital
  • Exhibition
  • Illustration
  • Print

Understanding the audience

Honda customers are loyal and passionate about their bikes. So, when we began creating Honda bike campaigns, we got to know them by visiting Honda dealerships and talking to the experts and the customers. This helped us understand what makes them tick so our creative feels authentic, speaks the right language, and connects with the end-user on a personal level.

Clever thinking

Getting to know the customers provides a unique insight that helps us to come up with clever solutions, like our bike stand rest. The hockey-puck shaped stand cover fits perfectly with a Honda motorbike kickstand. Form and function combined.

Honda prides itself on providing a ‘happy’ customer experience from start to finish. From the sale through to completion and beyond, Honda customers are in good hands. This mindset formed the basis of our Honda Happiness campaign. We branded and promoted a series of customer aftercare benefit packages, including specialist bike insurance, extended guarantees, and service contracts. All plain-speaking and guaranteed to raise a smile amongst riders.

Campaigns that deliver

We created a campaign to highlight the real benefits of using only Honda Genuine Parts. The campaign had a simple, illustrative look and feel, and consisted of a series of press adverts, an informative brochure, and promotional banners to be used at Honda bike showrooms and taken to motorbike shows nationwide. The campaign was a success, triggering a notable uptake for Honda Genuine Parts.

Brand personality

For all of their innovative products and technical wizardry. Honda also has a more playful side. We communicate this through our copywriting, making sure everything we write is not only informative, packed full of character, and delivered with the distinctive ‘Honda’ tone of voice. Where appropriate, we often back this up with playful illustrations too, as seen on the DM sticker sheet below…

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