The case for a Christmas email

A well-designed email can be the difference between an annoyance that clogs up our inboxes and a nice surprise when we check our email. At Newenglish, we believe email is an effective tool for engaging your audience and an opportunity not to be missed.

At this time of year a festive email is the perfect opportunity to engage your audience, clients, and customers. Not to sell. Not to ‘commercialise’ Christmas. But to put smiles on faces. To demonstrate your Christmas spirit and show that you do, indeed, to wish your audience a very happy Christmas!

Below are three examples of Christmas email campaigns we have created and they demonstrate how powerful email can be when using engaging copy, subtle animation, and clear messaging.

Newenglish Christmas email (2020)

It is our very own Christmas tradition to send out a little something at this time of year.

Usually this would be something physical and always light-hearted and fun! A Santa mask in 2014 caused plenty of merriment, and in 2016, we invited people to write their own Christmas story using emojis! But, in the midst of the pandemic last year, we opted for a digital approach.

With all the negative stories dominating the news cycles, we decided to bring in some Christmas cheer by creating perhaps the world’s first Positive News Generator! We shared this with our contacts using a Mailchimp campaign.

The email featured a clear call-to-action directing our audience to our Positive News Generator. As you can see the result is an interactive bit of fun!

We had a fantastic reaction! One recipient said:

And the award for the most creative, uplifting and engaging Christmas email goes to… Who else? But Newenglish!

Torr Waterfield (2021)

To bring us right up-to-date, here’s a fresh campaign we did for the fantastic accountants at Torr Waterfield. They tasked us with creating a Christmas greeting to their customers. It also included their opening times over the festive period.

Once again, we saw the opportunity to bring in a beautifully crafted animation.

Newenglish Christmas email (2021)

Our current Christmas email campaign is centred around the joy of a #SimpleChristmas. The email we created was interactive, allowing the recipient to vote for their favourite simple Christmas tradition(s).

Since this is still live, why not add a vote for your favourite #SimpleChristmas tradition(s)?

Edit: The vote has now closed, take a look at the results here.

Click here to see more of our Christmas cards from across the years.

Engage your audience with an email campaign

Get in touch if you would like us to design a Christmas email for you, uniquely fitting your brand. It’s not too late! We can design and create a campaign very efficiently.

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