A different path for creative services

Why tendering for creative services should take a different path

This has always been something of concern to us, and especially now. As the creative sector emerges from the pandemic, the way tenders ask for full blown creative solutions to the requirements and brief in order to take part, undermines our industry’s recovery; having to carry out unpaid work in order to take the gamble of wining work.

The organisations that don’t specify a creative response have studios scrambling to give one in order to stand out in the crowd, disadvantaging the studios who don’t give away the creative for free at this point. As we all know, a creative services buyer can rarely resist the eye candy.

Hopefully, by helping creative services buyers see there is another way, that change can happen.

We’d love to see these words appear as standard on tender briefs:

No creative work is required to tender at this stage. Any submissions with creative work in response to this brief at this stage will be disqualified.

We’ve curated this short and helpful piece from our experiences and those of other leading figures in the creative sector. Have a read through, it’s not too long, honestly. It expresses why tendering for creative services should take a different path from a more generic tender approach, and how a different approach will get the very best out of your creative partner.