Oslo Opera House by Snøhetta

I recently headed off to quiet but growing Oslo for some sight seeing, I particularly wanted to see this building (I noticed all the other amazing modern skyscrapers too).

It is brilliant, emerging from the sea like some sort of iceberg. What strikes me is how firm it is, with all these people walking all over it—it stands solid like a piece of rock.

Don’t you think the solid pillar in the middle also looks like Mecca? It has a metallic blob like cladding which in itself is interesting as well.

I could think of so many uses for the ramp like shape, from sun bathing when it is sunny to skiing when it snows. The architect must have thought of all these scenarios. 🙂

See more of this building from the horse’s mouth.

(Excuse the mobile quality photos, next time I’ll take a proper camera with me!)

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