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LCB Depot

The Brief

Newenglish were commissioned to create a brand identity for LCB Depot—a former bus depot that was to be transformed into a creative hub for start-up creative companies, the first of its kind in Leicester’s emerging cultural quarter.

The identity needed to be creatively unique and reflect the energy and ethos of the building. Practically, it needed to work across signage, print and digital media.

The thinking

We introduced the idea of using cubes to represent the creative spaces themselves as a theme running throughout the building.

Clear cubes above the main entrance house fluorescent acrylic letterforms which glow like works of art, and form the basis of the print identity. Inside, the cube theme continues. Toilets are signed with cubes containing a toilet roll—pink for girls, blue for boys—and companies can fill their own studio cubes with whatever objects they choose.

The result

This is a striking, original and humorous identity that captures the spirit of ‘creative space’ within the LCB Depot.

Newenglish Studio created this unique identity over 10 years ago, and it’s still looking sharp and fresh, and recognisable as a creative landmark in Leicester’s cultural quarter.

The identity ties in perfectly with the culture and thinking behind the project. A great visual statement for the creativity within LCB Depot.

Cultural Quarter Projects Director, Leicester City Council

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