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Merry Emoji Christmas

A very Merry Christmas from us to you. This year we decided to have a play on Oxford Dictionary word or rather icon of the year, the “face with tears of joy” as our Christmas card.

The result is a card with a certain popular George Micheal Xmas song with blanks and a sticker sheet.

Now the competition is on to see who humors us the best, so dash on to twitter with #nelastemoji and may be you can help us decide by liking your favourite.

Happy Holidays!

‘Hungary’ for chocolate

This afternoon we’ve all been tucking into these tasty plumb flavoured chocolate treats all the way from Hungary, which Brian kindly brought back from his trip to Budapest.

We’ve also been admiring the nice illustrative patterns, Hungarian typefaces and special print finishes on the packaging too!


Muffins in the studio!

Newenglish Bake Off

In this weeks ‘Great Newenglish Bake Off’ Daniel treated us to his delicious nutmeg muffins – we even had a choice of flavours, blueberry or dark chocolate… in the interest of fairness most of us opted to ‘try’ one of each, which Wendy assured us was ok as the blueberries “counted as one of our 5 a day” #WishfulThinking!


Newenglish Bake Off

Ian’s Apple and Frangipane Tart

The final bake in the Great Newenglish Bake Off has brought us Ian’s lovely apple and frangipane tart. A confection that is sweet and sharp in equal measure.

This is Ian’s first ever pastry bake and he has concluded “If i knew how difficult (and time consuming) pastry was I never would have bothered!” (that’s the attitude Ian…)

Carl says “This is my kind of dessert!”

This concludes the bake off for this year, but we’re thinking of carrying on the baking tradition just for the sake of it – any excuse for cake!