18 months of achievements for Millennium Point

In just 18 months, under the direction of CEO Philip Singleton, Millennium Point have seen a raft of positive changes come to fruition.

We were asked to design a simple 2-3 page document to outline these achievements for distribution to key stakeholders of the organisation… but we saw a great opportunity to make this document really creative.

Posted out to the stakeholders, each would receive an unassuming cardboard postal tube which inside contains a scroll of information (which rolls out to over 1 metre long!) taking them through, step by step, all of the achievements from the last year and a half. The scroll format gave an air of ceremony to the document, and works on an easy to read, close-up level and a dramatic scale as a whole.  

A high impact solution for a high profile document!

What did Millennium Point think?

…you turned prosaic prose into a striking idea.

Marvellous feedback! 

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